herO joins OSC-ROOT!!!

Published on 01/14/2017 19:05 PST by Paulo "CatZ" Vizcarra

We are extremely happy to announce our newest player, OSC-ROOT's herO!

herO is a world-caliber player, known to many for his impeccable control and decision making. The 
"Smiling Assassin" looks forward to his stay @ROOT4ROOT, and has very high aspirations for his 2017 in StarCraft II.

We at OSC-ROOT are very happy to have found a friend and amazing player to carry our banner in herO, who will mostly be representing the team from Korea (GSL).   

herO also looks forward to the opportunity to make new friends, brush up on his English and plans to visit our house in California to prepare for or unwind after Global Tournaments. We're all hoping with him that one of those tournaments will be Blizzcon!


follow herO on twitter! @ROOT_herO

(Special thanks to @nice__username for all the help in creating an awesome video)

puCK 151
Neuro 464