Introducing ROOT ChuDat and Smash Bros Melee!

Published on 10/10/2015 17:45 PDT by Kavik

If you've seen the popular Smash Brothers documentary, you'll have some idea who ChuDat is.

If you were watching EVO this year, you'll have some idea who ChuDat is.

If you haven't done either of those things, Daniel ChuDat Rodriguez is a professional Smash Bros player who was able to make Ice Climbers competitive, and has been playing at an extremely high level since 2006. He is not only a great player, he is incredibly entertaining, and always putting on a show. He can teach you about angles in Smash Bros, did a full commentary version of the above documentary, and if you've ever been curious how the pros use chopsticks he'll explain that too.

Most importantly, he's an awesome player who is a fantastic way to bring ROOT into Smash and Smash into ROOT. We're looking forward to cheering him on, and are sure that any of you who aren't already Smash fans will be soon.

ChuDat had this to say about joining ROOT:

I'm very honored to be playing for ROOT Gaming. With their help and support, I'll be able to do some great things in Smash. I look forward to learning and growing with ROOT and I can't wait to start representing them!

So, to get to know ChuDat in all his glory you should follow him on Twitch for the games, Twitter for updates and food choices, and YouTube for all the highlights you missed. We've very excited to finally be getting into Smash, and even more excited that ChuDat is the one leading the way.

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