Jig and ZergGirl join OSC-ROOT!

Published on 05/06/2017 14:04 PDT by Paulo "CatZ" Vizcarra

The Largest SC2 team in the world (OSC-ROOT) grows larger and stronger today with the additions one of the best Canadian players (Z) in Simon "Jig" Lacasse-Labelle as well as StarCraft streamer ZergGirl (twitch).

Not enough people are familiar with Jig, he is a player who has been around for a while, but only recently has he had more time to take his game to the next level and we believe at OSC-ROOT that he has all the tools it takes to do so.

Jig recently qualified for WCS Challenger and has been very active and performing well in the OSC circuit. Personally, my favorite thing about Jig is how apparent it is that he actively thinks about and optimizes his play + (very often unique) build orders.

Few people at any given level of SC2 have this skill as well developed as Jig does, I believe that these insights will be very valuable not only to Jig moving forward but also to his new teammates at OSC-ROOT. I am very excited to have Jig in the team and in some capacity to contribute to his development as a player moving forward, sky's the limit with Simon.

Jig on joining OSC-ROOT:

"Hey guys, I’m Jig, 21 year old Canadian zerg Starcraft 2 player. Ever since I started playing Starcraft 2, one of my biggest aspirations was to one day join ROOT. I was watching players like CatZ and Destiny when I was still a kid, and wanted to be as good as them one day. Useless to say that I am really excited and proud to join their roster today, and looking forward to improve my game with them. It’s time push these boundaries and to take it one step further. GGWP"

Kathy or ZergGirl has also been around the block for a while, she's a dear friend to the OSC-ROOT family, for a while she lived at the ROOT house back in Antioch and has always been happy to lend a hand and help the team. 

Today we're happy to welcome ZergGirl to the team "officially" as a fully-fledged member and twitch streamer of our favorite game.

ZergGirl on joining OSC-ROOT:

"Hi, my name is ZergGirl and I’m a passionate StarCraft 2 player and streamer. I’ve been helping ROOT with behind the scenes stuff for quite some time already. I’ve watched my friends in ROOT grow and succeed from seeing Hydra winning Dreamhack Austin 2016 to watching all the boys in blue killing it at this year’s Dreamhack, finishing up to round of 8. ROOT has been like a family to me and today I’m proud to say that I’ll be representing the team as a streamer. I know that I’m no pro player, but stop by if you’re looking for a place to chill with other StarCraft lovers. Or perhaps get some customs, co-op, or monobattles in, you are all welcomed whether you’re wood league or Grandmaster. We’re always playing StarCraft here!"

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