OSC-ROOT partnership concludes

Published on 07/04/2017 09:49 PDT by Paulo "CatZ" Vizcarra

After a year of a fruitful mutually beneficial partnership, OSC will no longer be the Title Sponsor for ROOT Gaming (SC2) starting today.

Reasons for the partnership's end include differences in vision and objectives for the Team and management / rights moving forward. Upon being offered new terms for a renewal, we decided that it'll be in ROOT's best interest to continue alone, vacating the position of Title Sponsor until we find a suitable replacement.

We are happy and grateful for our time with OSC and the players who came alongside it through the partnership, to them, who operated directly under OSC's budget, it is also time to say good bye.

Throughout the partnership these players became an integral part of our team and family, and we wish them nothing but the best moving forward in their standing relationship with OSC.

To DemiLove, Probe, iaguz, PandaBearMe and Cham, best of luck and much love, it's been a pleasure to fight alongside you.

ROOT Gaming's (SC2) roster, bound by their standing agreements with us which we plan to uphold as well as their own will to remain and move forward with us remains:


Lawrence "Law" Ho, who came alongside OSC has also been invited to and accepted to stay, he will continue to act in the capacity of COO and Player Manager. The same can be said for Juno, who will remain in the team in the capacity of coach and assist with player management.

This to us (ROOT Gaming) is both an end and a beginning both, and while we are sad to say good bye, we are excited for the future moving forward with new directions and goals, needless to say, we have no plans to stop supporting the StarCraft 2 Scene.  

Thank you everyone for your continued support and always, #ROOT4ROOT!

-CatZ (CEO)


ViBE 47