OSC-ROOT welcome Wardi and Neuro

Published on 09/29/2016 07:00 PDT by ROOT Gaming

The OSC-ROOT team is growing with the addition of two new members, Jonathan "Wardi" Ward and Austin "Neuro" Filsinger. Wardi is an dedicated English caster and tournament organizer under his WardiTV banner and is well known for casting his SC2Improve Team League and many other events. On joining the team Wardi had this to say:


I'm elated to be joining OSC-ROOT Gaming, a team which has always been held in high regard in the StarCraft scene. I've always really enjoyed the time I've spent with the teams members in the past, be it casting them online or meeting them at events, and so it's really great to be joining a team where I know I will fit in.

Looking to the future I'm excited to work with the team while continuing to produce even more content and continuing to grow my stream. 

Wardi has recently revamped his organization under his new name, announced the new season of his team league, an offline UK tournament, the continued support of his team, and his Wardi Open series of tournaments. Wardi's addition to OSC-ROOT brings a very experience caster as well as a dedicated tournament organizer.

Along with Wardi the team also welcomes streamer and coach Neuro. He had this to say about uniting with OSC-ROOT:  

One year before my first drone and 2 years before my first stream, there was ROOT. CatZ has sustained the top educational Zerg stream, and has been a leader in SC2 community since its inception. Petraeus was my first paid coach and set a powerful example of dedication. Juno's insight has been instrumental to my progress over the last year and is currently helping me focus on improving decision-making. Kelazhur, PandaBearMe, puCK, and ViBE, are players who I already count as friends. Joining an organization of such longstanding integrity as ROOT is an immense honor.

While bearing the OSC-ROOT banner I will continue my quest to improve the mindset of both myself and the community. Through consistent practice, analysis, and input from teammates, I will increase my skill as a player. I am grateful for everyone who has supported my path up to this point and thrilled for what lies ahead.

Neuro is probably best known for his indepth discussions and coaching on topics such as mentality, training and coping with losses. Neuro also had the opportunity to move to Georgia and live with Polt and viOLet and train with them. While there he streamed consistently, put out content and coach as part of the CSN website initiative. Also he is a key member for the Weekly All In magazine. Over his career Neuro has put out some of the best coaching videos available and will be a welcome addition to the team.

Be sure to follow Wardi and Neuro on Twitter and visit the Wardi.tv site and Neuro's YouTube channel. Also if you haven't already then follow Neuro and Wardi on Twitch to be notified of when they stream next.

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