ROOT Hearthstone Welcomes Neviilz and Nomodogan!

Published on 04/22/2015 16:51 PDT by Kavik

After yesterday's announcement of Hotform, we're excited to continue improving our Hearthstone lineup with the addition of Neville "Neviilz" Caruana and Jonathan "Nomodogan" Bennett! We're thrilled to have them joining ROOT and look forward to seeing them grow as players and content producers.

"Neviilz" wrote:

Really happy about joining team ROOT. Always admired their roster and the initiative that they are taking in HS. Really looking forward to working with new teammates and being a force to be reckoned with. I am really thankful for this opportunity and what can potentially be a new chapter in my life. I will always try my best at becoming better at the game and hopefully take some tournament wins under the ROOT banner.

"Nomodogan" wrote:

I'm excited to be joining ROOT and starting a new chapter in my eSports career with them. I hope to represent ROOT excellently by doing well in many future Hearthstone tournaments. I have known about ROOT for a while by watching some of their team members stream different games in the past. I am thankful for the opportunity to join ROOT and I look forward to contributing my talents for the better good of the team as a whole. I am happy that I will be working alongside such a great organization and I believe that with their help I can grow my stream to new heights while entertaining and informing my viewers.

You can catch Neviilz stream here and Nomodogan's stream here. Be sure to follow them on Twitch and Twitter and welcome them to ROOT.

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