Semper joins ROOT.sc2!

Published on 06/08/2016 15:07 PDT by Paulo "CatZ" Vizcarra

During the LOTV Beta, 3 players in the NA region showed the most promise in my eyes. The young, newcomers to the scene: Neeb, Kelazhur and Semper.

All three were very intelligent people who showed me the most potential. They seemed to improve and make sense of things much faster than most, combined with incredible mechanical prowess.

Alex / Semper took a break from SC2 shortly after the beta as he is a law student. Even while only being able to play part time and during breaks - Semper has remained one of the strongest and scariest Terrans in North America. Today as he joins the team, Semper hopes to continue to improve and reach new heights.

Talent is Semper's middle name, and we are very happy to have the likes of Alex join our ranks today! Be sure to follow this burgeoning Terran talent on Twitter and Twitch.

puCK 157
Neuro 473