The Return of ROOT Petraeus

Published on 10/10/2015 15:39 PDT by Kavik

After spending all of 2014 as a part of ROOT and living in America, Petraeus tried his hand in Europe for the 2015 WCS. He managed a Top 8 finish last season while attending school. We were all excited to see him perform so well, and are even more excited to announce that he is rejoining ROOT Gaming.

"Petraeus" wrote:

Although I'm back at school, I'm confident that I'll be able to maintain good results in WCS and am excited to be once again under the ROOT banner!

"CatZ" wrote:

Petranus is one of our prodigal sons. When he first joined ROOT hardly anyone had heard of him. Personally, I've always been really proud of his accomplishments, both in and out of the team, and I am thrilled to have him back where he belongs, at least for this year.

Petraeus has proved that he is always a contender, and we're looking forward to seeing him play as a part of ROOT once again!

Also, after over three years as a part of ROOT Gaming, MaSa and ROOT are parting ways. CatZ often called him the secret weapon of ROOT, and he proved himself in clan wars, LANs, and most recently in Archon Mode. Maru has been part of ROOT for longer than almost anyone, and we've enjoyed seeing him improve and grow over the last few years. We wish him nothing but the best, and will certainly be cheering for him in the future.

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