Published on 06/08/2016 15:08 PDT by Paulo "CatZ" Vizcarra

Three years ago, ViBE - then WCS USA Champion - was in the first batch of people to move into the ROOT house. A close friend and second half of the famous casting duo "CaiBE" seen only once during a DreamHack qualifier. CatZ+ViBE (CaiBE) were a casting duo unafraid to disagree with each other, and always in sync.

Known back then for his incredible speed, ViBE doesn't get enough credit for his innovation and wits as a player. He is extremely analytical and logical when attempting to approach and understand the game.

Know how everyone hotkeys their eggs right after making units? This wasn't possible in Brood War, so no one was aware of it in early SC2. ViBE was the first person I heard of / saw doing this. Was he cheating? Was it a bug? Sounds stupid now as it's any Zerg's nature to hotkey eggs.

Well it wasn't like that back then - when the game was new and unknown, Dan excelled at discovering techniques and improved exceptionally fast.  

With a personality as infectious and entertaining as his it's only natural that Vibu has taken on a more active role at streaming and sharing his talents and knowledge with his growing community.

We are happy and proud at ROOT to be able to welcome family back,

So welcome back home, Dan!

Be sure to check out ViBE on Twitter and catch him when he's raiding the ladder on Twitch, you will not regret it!

puCK 157
Neuro 473