WCS Montreal

Published on 09/07/2017 05:53 PDT by ROOT Gaming

This weekend, the final season of the 2017 WCS Circuit will take place in Montreal. With $100,000 USD, 11,000 WCS points, and a direct seed into the WCS Global Finals on the line; the 8 WCS Circuit representatives at BlizzCon will be decided here.

Representing ROOT at Montreal this weekend, we have: 

Kelazhur (WCS Rank 6)

Semper (WCS Rank 26)

puCK (WCS Rank 44)

Jig (WCS Rank 77)

Having conquered Copa América Season 4, Kelazhur will be seeded into the 3rd Group Stage. Semper, puCK, and Jig will have to fight through the Open Bracket to join their Brazilian comrade in the deeper stages of the tournament.

Group G
Group I
Group O
Jig (Z)puCK (P)Semper (T)
jheffe (T)DnS (P)NoRegret (Z)
Silky (Z)Bonkarooni (P)Valentine (P)
Nice (P)ZenedoR (Z)ObiWanPwnobi (P)

NoRegret will also be documenting Kelazhur's journey throughout Montreal and will be working on releasing a documentary sometime after the tournament!

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