Welcome ROOT.Dandy!

Published on 02/22/2018 20:04 PST by Paulo "CatZ" Vizcarra

Historically, ROOT has always been a team on a mission to find up-and-coming talent and allow it to grow and develop within our ranks.
The team has long been a mix of well-established players and up-and-comers with a heavy sprinkle of personalities. Traditionally, our Korean power-houses and family members (Sage, YuGiOh, SuperNova, hydra, herO) have helped anchor the team and provided it (and our normally "foreigner" rising stars) with a backbone structure to rise to the occasion and fight alongside them.

In the StarCraft panorama today, unknown up-and-coming talent is difficult to come by, especially in the motherland. Lucky for us - today it found us.

Hailing from Korea, we welcome our newest player "ROOT.Dandy" 박주성 (Park Ju Sung). An amateur protoss player with a lot of skill, potential and high aspirations for his StarCraft career.

Ju Sung is 21 years old and has been playing the game   on-and-off for 5-6 years, however because of school and   exams he wasn't able to focus on StarCraft as much as he would have liked prior to now.

Ju Sung reached out to us and made his desire to join ROOT well known, after a few discussions and an impressive set of 'test' games against Kelazhur (went 2-2) we decided that he would be a great fit for the team.

Ju Sung wanted to join ROOT Gaming to have strong sparring partners and help our players as he is a fan of the organization, herO as you may expect of many protosses today, is his favorite player.

Dandy will be a great addition to ROOT's lineup in clanwars, and a great practice partner for some of our best, as he himself strives to reach his goal of qualifying for the GSL. 

Ju Sung is brand new to twitter, so be sure to follow him! Occasionally, you may also find ROOT.Dandy on his stream here.

Welcome home Dandy!

puCK 143
Neuro 481