Welcoming Back Iaguz

Published on 11/10/2016 15:48 PST by ROOT Gaming

Hi Iaguz, thanks for taking your time for this interview. As a fellow Terran and as a fan, I’m very happy to welcome you back into the OSC-ROOT team.

- Let’s start out with you shortly introducing yourself to the people. 

G’day, I’m Ethan “iaguz” Zugai, Australian Terran and self proclaimed greatest Starcraft player of all time… of the southern hemisphere.

- You have quite a rich background in RTS-gaming, coming from Command & Conquer and I believe you also played other games as well ? How did you come into the Starcraft 2 scene and how did you make the jump to go for it on a professional level ? 

I’d played quite a few 1v1 RTS games before switching to Starcraft 2 (Dawn of War 1, Company of Heroes, CnC: Red Alert 3, bit of Broodwar) and whilst never being particularly great at any of those, they nurtured a desire for competitive success that Starcraft 2 helped realize. It took a few years of juggling Starcraft 2 between working a shit job but eventually I made the leap into full time competition and it’s worked out well enough.

- You are easily one of the most recognizable players in the SEA region. How do you feel that region is taking shape ? Do you feel there is a lot of room for improvement ? 

Well, sure. It kinda sucks that a lot of the good players of the past few years have quit and there’s few replacements outside of Australia, but oh well. In this region you either do well in WCS or you get to do bugger all else and with only 1 or 2 slots for WCS Premier League it’s not surprising there’s few full time players.

- Going back to you as a player, this year you have been very active. I saw you played regularly in the ESL cups online, I believe you took part in the Kung Fu Cup and I liked your games versus HuK in the Dreamhack Tours. You also competed in the WCS SEA/Oceania Challenger regularly. How do you feel about your 2016 as a player ? 

It goes with ups and downs. It’s been a lot tougher now Probe, Enderr and particularly Seither are actually good and although there was more tournaments than before, they only allowed a single person to qualify which makes it all very unforgiving. Some of my international trips didn’t go very well at all and the others did kinda ok, but tons of room for improvement.

- DemiLove is shaping up to be quite the adversary, how do you feel he has been improving ? 

Yeah he’s been around a while and it’s not too surprising at all he has improved. There’s like no good Zergs in SEA anymore so I guess he’s going to fill those shoes. He’s the Sachin Tendulkar of Starcraft (I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know what that means).

- How do you see your 2017 season, do you have any expectations ?

I expect 2017 will probably be my last year of progaming, getting a little too old for this shit. Generally I don’t have expectations I just try and do my best and see what happens, but if next year is my last then I want to make it my best.

- Coming back to ROOT, how was your stay at Nuovo Gaming as the only Starcraft player on their roster ? How was your training-regime ?

Nuovo Gaming was a team I chose to play for pretty much because it was the best offer at the time. It didn’t mean I would have to do anything other than just continue to play Starcraft as normal and I wouldn’t be imbursed for much. Australian sponsorship for Starcraft players is for the most part a blasted wasteland of rot and misery so anything I could take I was ok with.

- How did you get back to ROOT ? 

After I had signed on to Nuovo I saw OSC and ROOT had merged and wondered what sort of opportunity they could provide. After Nuovo shat itself and died Eddie approached me with an offer and it seemed reasonable enough. It’s different, and basically better, than my old ROOT contract so I’m quite happy to accept.

- I’m sure the team is very excited to have you back on board! Do you want to give a shout-out to someone or to sponsors ? 

I’d like to thank OSC-ROOT for providing me with the opportunity and of course the sponsors; Twitch, Esport Clothing and Esport gaming.

I wish you the best of luck in your Starcraft 2 career and am looking forward to see you compete under the OSC-ROOT banner.

Iaguz is currently ranked 4th in the OSC World Rankings, and at this stage of the year is assured of qualifying among-st the top 50 players of 2016 to play in the end of year Championship!

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